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"The Rocky Horror Show"   -The Little Theatre of Alexandria 

"As the incestuous sibling servants of Frank-N-Furter, Magenta and Riff-Raff we have the stunning Paige Taylor and eclectic

Matt Liptak respectively. Both are standout performers in a exceptional cast. Taylor embodies the raw sex appeal required for

Magenta, with a strong alto/mezzo belt to match. Her solo performances in “Science Fiction Double Feature” and “Time Warp”

are remarkable."-DC Metro theatre arts  

"Richard Fiske makes for a hilarious narrator, while Paige Taylor and Matt Liptak as Magenta and Riff-Raff nearly steal the show."-Alexandrianews.org   

"The 27 Club"  -DC Fringe Festival

"The songs, as is necessary, are incredible. From Taylor standing on a box belting “Smells Like Teen Spirit” until the whole house was screaming to Coleman lurching onstage as Hendrix and then absolutely killing “Fire,” the whole piece had the feel of a rock concert with the vocal quality to match."-DC Metro Theatre Arts 

"The Producers"  -Sandy Spring Theatre Group

Paige Taylor as Ulla managed to add an adorable feel to a seductive character that added to her performance. Her vocals during “When You Got it Flaunt it” were impressive, particularly when she showcased her wide range as she belted towards the end, but my favorite aspect of Taylor’s performance was how she drew a different side out of Leo Bloom.-DC Metro Theatre Arts 

"The Wedding Singer"  -Prince William Little Theatre

"Another excellent example is Paige Taylor’s Linda. During her number “A Note From Linda,” her comedic timing was impeccable.." -Show Biz Radio, DC  

"Hello,You Assholes!"   -DC Fringe Festival

"Also on fire is Paige Taylor as The Hooker, who manages to sing in mid-hump with her head hanging upside down off an all-purpose ottoman...'-DC Metro Theatre Arts



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The Rocky Horror Show